Recital/Recreational Classes

These classes are a great way to jump into dance! Recital classes can be 30-45 mins of one dance discipline, or two 30-minute disciplines combined in one class. For our youngest dancers ages 2 1/2-4, we offer a 45-minute into to dance. Recital classes end their year performing their routines in our annual recital. Recital classes are perfect for children who love to dance and perform!

Technique Classes

While these classes do not perform in our recital, they are an integral part of your child's dance education. By including technique classes such as ballet, conditioning, and jumps and turns into your child's dance training, you are giving them all the tools they need to become successful dancers for the rest of their lives. All technique classes are offered for both our Company Team students and recreational (non-company) students. These classes will also help students integrate into our Company Team, should they choose to do so. 

DDA Company Team

We are proud to currently offer one of the top-level Company Teams in Brooklyn, and we are eager to bring our formula of success to our new Staten Island location. Weekly, our team members take a minimum 3 1/2 - 6 hours of technique classes, depending on age. The rest of their classes are spent learning and perfecting competition choreography, and exploring various genres of dance through additional "just for fun" combinations and progressions. Our high standards allow our team to compete against some of the most elite dance studios along the East Coast. We wouldn't want it any other way!