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Dynamic Dance Academy offers classes for all ages and abilities. Whether your child takes 1 class a week or 10, they can develop and grow in a positive, family-friendly atmosphere. For the serious dancers, Dynamic Dance Academy offers one of the top competitive level dance programs in Brooklyn, and we are eager to continue our success in our new Staten Island location. Dynamic Dance Academy is proud to be the home of Teacher of the Year, Choreographer of the Year, multiple 1st Overall High Score awards, special judges’ awards, and much more. We are so proud of all our students and what they have accomplished, whether in class, on stage at our recital, or at competition.



     Enrolling your child in dance has been proven to improve their confidence, attentiveness, and self-esteem. Dance promotes a healthy social attitude as well; your child can meet their life-long best friend at Dynamic Dance Academy! Dance also provides many physical benefits for children including coordination skills, flexibility, posture, balance, and spatial and body awareness. It also gives your child a sense of accomplishment, and teaches them about responsibility, dedication and commitment. Enrolling your child at Dynamic Dance Academy ensures that they will receive all of these great benefits dance has to offer.

Dynamic Dance Aademy
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